About Me

Hampshire Mistress


Step into my domain, enter my world of Domination and allow me to traverse the depths of your mind. Let me work out what Domination means to you and test whatever it may be that tantalises your senses, be it leather, latex, silk or satin. Whether you are a sissy or a slut, a toy or a slave you will be sure to bow down before me.
Having around 3 years of experience has begun me on my journey through a deep, dark, sensual world and I cannot wait to find out where it leads us. I first found out I had a penchant for the deep and dark a few years ago with a lover of mine who had who had a weakness for worship, which very soon escalated into him showering me with sexy gifts that he would be begging me to worship once I slipped into them.
It quickly became apparent how much I enjoyed the power and adoration. I wanted more. Whilst we started exploring the world of worship, I became ever more aware of everything that Domination and submission encompass, and I had to find out more. It was slowly but surely from that moment on that I knew I had to delve into the unbounded realm of Domination and submission without limiting myself to one kink in particular.


I am strict but sensual and have a voice that will command a room, I have a manor that will have you begging for mercy whilst pleading for more. I will deliver beyond the bounds of your idiosyncrasy, but I will deliver it my way. I am always keen to make sure that our minds are perfectly synchronising opposites complimenting each other with every aspect of our play. Despite being the conductor in our own orchestra I make sure you pick the instruments and together we will make a dark and sensuous song.

Whatever your fetish I love to immerse myself in the play and commit to the scenario with you giving every moment my full, unbridled attention. I will make certain that I have dived into the deep pools inside your eyes and found whatever treasures you may have buried