Hampshire Mistress

Equipment and Services

Fully Equipped Dungeon, Extensive TV Boudoir ,Cross Dressing and Enforced Feminisation service, School Room, Medical Fetish Clinic. Rubber Bondage Room, Domestic settings. Film and Photographic Service.TV Makeup Lesson.

TV Boudoir and Cross Dressing – We have a beautiful makeup studio and TV Wardrobe. I have a wealth of experience with Make-up and can transform you into a fetish doll, slut, sissy, maid, diva, girlfriend, secretary or catwalk model at your request. Whatever takes your fancy!

Enforced Feminisation – I love nothing more than stripping you of your male attire and forcing you to wear my worn silk panties, corset stockings and suspenders. I will then transform you into my girlfriend in the professional makeup studio – making you up like a doll and getting my girlfriends to kiss that lipstick off before using you for their amusement!! If you object I shall pull your panties down, put you over my knee and spank you. You will then be sent to the naughty room to wait for me while I adorn my favourite strap on…If you have been a really naughty boy you will be sent to the nurse who will lock you in chastity or remove anything in between your legs and give you female body parts!

TV Extravaganza Days – Spend the whole day in full makeup and experiencing different outfits and looks, this can include themed play, photography, filming and access to all the different playrooms. Make-up tutorials also available.

Hampshire Mistress

Rubber Experience

  • Rubber doll experience – This is an amazing experience where I transform you and shape you into a living rubber doll. You can have inflatable breasts, rubber mask/dolls mask and/or full makeup.
  • Rubber Toys – Become my rubber play-thing, a toy to be used by woman.
  • Rubber Sluts – Forced to be my wet shiny rubber bitch.
  • Tight & restrictive rubber bondage – I will have complete control of you in heavy duty rubber bags and straight jackets which are placed in purpose-built suspension units and chairs to maximise restriction and prevent escape.

All the above to include play and photographs.

Strap-on and Prostate Play – Strap-on play is the ULTIMATE in Female domination of a male. I absolutely love wearing Strap-on cocks and using it to my full advantage.

There is an extensive range of toys and devices for all levels of Strap-on and training play. This can be integrated within the wide range of scenarios I offer or can be booked as a session within itself.

Hampshire Mistress


I adore wearing medical outfits and preparing my patient for inspection, Medical Mistress Asteria offers a wide range of examinations and procedures at the clinic.

Medical examination – Your Nurse or Doctor can carry out a medical examination to include-chest auscultation, height, weight and reflex testing, penis and testicle palpation etc. We are aware at the fetish clinic that every patient is unique, and we can tailor an examination around an individual’s request.

Medical bondage – The Clinic has cuffs, straps and devices to keep patients still while procedures are carried out. We also find it necessary to use rope restraint for patients that can have an adverse reaction to treatment.

Discipline therapy – There are a wide range of techniques used in our correctional behaviour programme, and we have an extensive range of implements that can be used concurrently with the various procedures.

Chastity – The Clinic has a range of chastity devices for overactive/excitable penis disorders.

Penis Enlargement/Dysfunction – Your Nurse or Doctor can choose from various pumps or treatments to vary the size of your penis.

Venus 2000 Male Milking Machine – Nurse will take a sperm count and needs a sample via the male milking machine.

Gynaecological/Rectal examination – A full internal examination can be carried out manually or with the use of various pieces of equipment.

Anal dilation – Manual and mechanical stretching of the anal passage.

Prostate examination and stimulation – Various implements can be used to stimulate, massage and examine the prostate gland.

Electro stimulation and therapy – The Medical Fetish clinic has a collection of electro stimulation machines and a wide range of attachments for internal and external procedures.

Genital taping – Some patients like to experience internal examinations as a female persona, or some patients find that their penis needs to be removed whilst a treatment is carried out. With gentle taping techniques the testicles and penis can be taped up and out of sight and access.

Nappy/diaper therapy – Our Regression treatment integrates the use of nappies and plastic pants.

Urethral sounds – We have a selection of sounds for urethral dilation and play.

Breath Play – Nurse can control your breathing and inhalation via a rebreathing mask or bag.

Bed Bath – Sometimes it is necessary for a patient to be washed and prepared before a medical examination is carried out.

Shaving – Some of the procedures require that the patient has all or partial genital shaving before or during a procedure.

Please note – The clinic does not offer any injections, suturing or needles or use any heavy chemicals with breath play.

Hampshire Mistress

ABDL – is a great way to let go and regress- There is a lovely range of baby girl, sissy outfits, nappies, plastic pants and accessories for infant play available.

Enforced feminisation for boys that need alternative discipline You will be transformed in the TV Boudoir powder Puff room or in Mistresses bedroom, and forced to be a girl and wear my warm silky panties, then taken to the dressing room and forced into girls clothes.

The scenarios and possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Leather Bondage – Body bags, masks, collars/posture collars, all available for your leather pleasure.

Role Play – a range of outfits for any scenario that you have been fantasising about for us to have fun with. (School, policeman/woman, auntie, horse riding, pony play etc.)

Sensory Exploration – Feel every part of your body being explored, played with and touched with sensations you have never experienced before. Let go of all the thoughts in your mind and engage in what you are experiencing through sensory exploration.

Just when you think you are going to explode everything will be taken away from you, leaving you in suspended state of sexual animation. You can hear a soft sensual voice, the sound of stiletto heels as they circle your body, the scent of perfume and the warmth of breath by your ear as fingers tease and torment your body, toys probe, rub and are attached to you.

You are desperate for more, to be touched, caressed, played with… but you don’t know when, or with what or by whom….Your gently restrained body is spread-eagled on a soft bed of luxurious textures, you will be blindfolded, rendering you helpless. You must submit while your body is used as a playground… as a toy for amusement… giving you ultimate pleasure and ultimate denial, taking you to a place in your mind and your body that you will never have reached before.

Sensory deprivation, masks, breathing accessories and hoods – so the only sound you hear is that of your breath as I control you. If you get too excited and lose control I will place you in a rubber or plastic body bags, unzip an access hole and use that exposed body part with electrics, sounds, whips, clamps and vibrators.

Foot fetish – WORSHIP the feet I walk on, show them your adoration, I want to feel you kissing, licking, caressing, cleaning, smelling, taking me all in.

Trampling – BE the ground that I walk on, feel the power of my weight on top of you, trampling all over your desires.

Smoking fetish – Focus on my soft, plump lips wrapped around a cigarette whilst watching smoke enter and leave my mouth, igniting all your burning obsessions and dark cravings.

Your First Time – I welcome individuals with open arms who have never experienced kinky play. There is nothing to fear… I will very gently guide you down the path you wish to experiment and gently pitch the session to your level. So many people think it’s all about pain, whips, chains and torture, quite the opposite! It’s about experiencing ultimate pleasure through different sensations and scenario’s, handing over control to someone who is experienced in their craft and has a passion for taking others on a journey.

Erotossage – Experience a new higher level of sensual pleasure and the ultimate out of body experience with an Erotossage 2/4 hand massage. Relax in a cocoon of warmth, soft music, lighting and aromatherapy oils and experience a combination of Swedish massage, prostate massage, hot stones, your choice of tantalising toys and BDSM play. Your naked gently restrained body will be totally controlled by your dominant masseuse/s as she/they take you to a new level of pleasure. Erotossage is performed by a fully qualified massage therapist and fetish practitioner.

Hampshire Mistress


Domestic settings

Medical Area – Gynae exam bench,trolleys and screens.

Fully Equipped Dungeon – Suspension,bondage chair,wall bondage,floating beds, bench, stocks, medical bench, glory hole,puppy cage and an extensive range of restraint accessories.

Sybian – for ultimate anal pleasure.

Private off road parking

Shower Facilities


The TV Boudoir – Professional makeup / makeover studio with trained makeup artists for full TV transformations

Fully equipped wardrobes – Rubber, Silk, Satin, Leather, PVC,Shoes, Wigs, Accessories, Retro lingerie. Maids, Sluts and Sissy outfits.

Studio Kink Photographic and Video Service.

Extended sessions

Outside Play

Extensive range of Electrics, sounds, penis pumps,male milking machine, strap ons, chastity devices, anal training and exploration toys, nipple toys and clamps, hoods, breathing mask,anaesthetic rebreathing equipment, gags, body bags, rope bondage and restraints, paddles, canes, floggers whips and crops. Rubber Bondage accessories and clothing.Extensive Range of outfits for Goddess Asteria to wear- Rubber Mistress, Leather Mistress, Riding Mistress, Head Mistress, Head Girl, St Trinian’s, Auntie, Girl next door, Lady of the Manor, Lady Boss, Policewoman, Judge, Governess, Matron, Nurse.