Welcome to the Party

Yes, welcome to my first blog, cum one… cum all!!!

This is 2020 the year of plenty, plenty of play, plenty of sluts, plenty of boot lickers and latex lovers, plenty of girls, plenty of boys, plenty of sexy little toys.

Talking of play, let me tell you about a little fun I had the other day… It was a grey Friday afternoon and I arrived at the studio in my Lady of the Manor gear to find a stray dog that had wondered into my house looking for a Mistress to take care of him. He was rather unkempt, he had no collar, seemingly belonged to no-one, so I collared him. He also had no tail, so I gave him one. He had no one to train him, so I bet you can guess what I did… yes, I trained him! He seemed very pleased to finally have an owner and after completing a series of tests I rewarded him by allowing him to clean my boots with his panting puppy tongue and lying him on my bend over bench using his fuckhole in the ‘doggy’ position.

Once I felt my puppy had learnt from my training, I decided that I was ready to put him away as it was time for the Lady of the Manor to ride, so out came my pony! I swapped the dogs tail for a horse tail, and swapped the collar for a bridal, with a perfect bit gag for full control! After jumping on the back of my pony and riding around the dungeon completing a gymkhana and some jumps my pony got very tired of carrying me so I un-tacked him and put him away in his stable where I made sure to feed him lots of cock before making him squirt.

What fun it has been recounting this little episode, but that is only one page in my playbook, I make new stories everyday, so I want you to come and join me. If you have been thinking of taking the leap into my dark world, don’t be afraid, get in contact, there are still February appointments available but be sure to get in ASAP. I look forward to owning you.